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 Almaty Management University formally established in 1988, was re-established as “International Academy of Business” in 1996 
in accordance with Republic of Kazakhstan’s Government Resolution No 1387. The university status was obtained in 2014, and IAB 
was renamed to Almaty Management University (AlmaU). The legal status of the University was renamed from “Non-commercial 
Educational Institution” to “To Educational Institution” in 2015. The special condition of the License is permanent.
     According to the Charter of AlmaU “the Charter regulates the activity of the non-commercial legal entity, founded in the form of 
the organizational and legal organization – Institution”. The constituent of the University is “International Academy of Business” 
LLP, a privately held institution. 
     By virtue of its State License, the University is authorized to issue Kazakh State Diplomas as well as the AlmaU’s own Diplomas. 
University has State Certification and National Accreditation. The institution is governed by its Board of Trustees, membership of 
recognized international associations of business education and business schools. The Board is responsible for the overall direction 
of the University. Its chief executive is a Rector appointed by the Board.  
    AlmaU currently has a stable three-tier education system, enabling students to gain up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in the 
area of Business Management. At present, about four thousand students and trainees study at AlmaU.

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