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浙江大学宁波理工学院商学院建有应用经济学与管理工程学两大学科群,全院有学生近3500人,教职工 100余人,其中博士61人,占教师总人数的76.25%;具有正高职称人数11人,副高人数26人。学院下设国际 贸易与物流研究所、财务管理与金融研究所、现代商务研究所3个A类研究所和宁波市金融研究院、宁波市电 子商务研究院、宁波市质量研究院、宁波市企业创新发展中心等10个B类研究所,拥有国际经济与贸易、金融 学等7个本科专业以及2个中英文授课专业。拥有浙江省新兴特色专业1个、浙江省国际化特色专业1个,宁波 市重点专业1个,宁波市重点学科1个,学校重点特色专业4个。 学院十分重视国际交流,致力于开拓国外境外将合作伙伴。与美国印第安那波利斯大学(University of Indianapolis)合作办学,开设中美合作办学专业;与波兰比亚维斯托克理工大学合作共同成立中东欧物流与 服务学院,实现教师学生互访;与法国“通路世界商学院联盟”、英国贝尔法斯特女王大学、美国圣地亚哥州 立大学等多家高校开展学生交流合作项目。 Applied Economics and Management Engineering. It has about 3500 students, 100 faculty members, including 61 doctors, accounting for 76.25% of the total number of teachers. The school has three A-type of institutes, including International Trade and Logistics Institute, Financial Management and Financial Research Institute and Modern Business Research Institute. Besides, it has 10 B-type of institutes, including Ningbo Financial Research Institute, Ningbo Electronic Commerce Research Institute and Ningbo Quality Research Institute, Ningbo Enterprises Innovation and Development Center and etc. The school has 7 undergraduate majors and 2 majors teaching in English and Chinese. It has one excellent new major and one international specialty in Zhejiang Province, one key major, and one key subject in Ningbo. The school attaches great importance to international communications, it is committed to develop foreign partners. The school cooperates with University of Indianapolis and sets up Sino-US joint majors. The school and the Polish University of Biwaitek University of Science and Technology jointly established the Central and the Central and Eastern European Institute of Logistics and Services, to achieve the exchange of teachers and students. It also carries out several students exchange and cooperation projects with French "access the World Business Scholl Union", the Belfast Queen University, San Diego State University and other universities. The School of Business of Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University has two major disciplines of 浙江大学宁波理工学院商学院 The School of Business of Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

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