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Dans un monde en constante évolution, Brest Business School a sans cesse innové et procédé aux adaptations nécessaires afin de proposer les programmes de formation adaptés aux besoins des entreprises et aux envies des étudiants.\n\nBrest Business School\n\nBrest Business School, anciennement Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Bretagne Brest (ESC Brest), est Membre de la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) depuis 1992. Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur privé, l’école accueille près de 650 étudiants dont 20% d’étudiants étrangers et 20% d’étudiants ingénieurs sur son campus de Brest (Finistère).\n\nSpacieux (9 300 m²), le campus brestois est doté des infrastructures pédagogiques modernes et d’espaces dédiés aux étudiants comme le « paquebot associatif » et les coworking spaces. C’est aussi un lieu de rencontre pour les entrepreneurs puisque qu’elle intègre un Incubateur, le siège de « Produit en Bretagne », ainsi que les clubs et réseaux professionnels finistériens.


Exchange Program Information

for ASR Members

Basic Information of the Institution

Name of the Institution which offers exchange seats


Location of Institution


Contact Person

Dr Denis MELLE Director of International Relations

Contact Information (Email and Phone)


Exchange Program Information

Taught Language


Free Exchange Seats

How many free seats are available in your exchange program?

Depending of the programmes, usually no more than 2 free seats. The exchange programmes portfolio includes Bachelors and masters

Study Duration (normally one semester or two)

One semester to one year

Application Deadline



What are the requirements for applicants of your free exchange seats?

  • Depending of the exchange agreement
  • The applicant needs to study in the right level/Programme in his own institution
  • English or French Level (B2)


Paid Exchange Seats

How many paid seats are available in your exchange program?

No Limit

What are the requirements for applicants of your paid exchange seats?

  • Respect the online application process
  • Succeed to the different enrollment tests


What are the fees applicants need to pay for being part of the exchange program?

Depending of the programmes:

Bachelors: 7500 €

Masters: 11000 €

Study Duration (normally one semester or two)

2 semesters

Application Deadline

From January to May to enter in September

From June to October to enter in january

Brief Introduction of the Institution (please include school website )

Brest Business School Is the first business school created in Brittany and one of the leading Higher Education institutions in Brest. Brest. Founded in 1962, Brest Business School is a fully accredited institution by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Brest Business School provides management education to some 750 students and has a long-standing tradition of cooperation with European and international institutions. Brest Business School is a member of the French Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and also belongs to many international associations or programs such as : the ERASMUS + EU program, AACSB international (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), CLADEA (Consejo Latino Americano de Escuelas de Administracion), EAIE (European Association for International Education), etc.The degrees awarded by Brest Business School are State-recognized (Bachelor’s and Master in management). French and English-taught programs. Since early 2017, Brest Business School is part of the Weidong Cloud Education Group, one of the leading company in e-learning and partner of UNESCO.

Main programmes of study

Master of Science in International Business: in association with Water­ford Institute of Technology, Ireland (Double degree)

Specialized Master’s degrees: patrimonial and financial management - Management of the supply chain (logistics & procurement) – Management Control


Brest is the first European marine research hub and the headquarter of a competitiveness cluster with global ambitions in the area, but also one of the main sites of another globally-oriented competitiveness cluster in the Information Technology and Technological Research areas. Brest Business School is located in a city with a maritime geographical position in the Atlantic. In the area of Higher Education and Research, Brest has a university with a population of 22500 students and several Higher Educa­tion Institutions including Brest Business School.



The ambition of Brest Business School is to provide an internationally recognized research policy at the service of the competitiveness, develop­ment, attractiveness and performance of the businesses operating on the Breton territories notably. In this, the action plan of research development builds on a new structuring of its activities around three axes: Tourism, Agribusiness and Finance.



An harmonious program portfolio, meeting the needs of the territory and the optimization of the School’s programs thanks to a strong coherence with the market place: specialized Masters (MS), Master in Management

MIM); Bachelor’s and MIM degree programs taught in English. The strong involvement in the Breton economy : the presence in the clubs of the Center for Young Leaders (CJD ), Business leaders of France (DCF) , Finance management leaders ( DFCG) , National Association of Human Resources Managers (ANDRH), Association «Produced in Brittany”which federates more than 300 companies employing 100,000 employees throughout the Breton territory.


Brief Introduction of the Exchange Program

Master in management program: This Master program is intentionally general, even if the last year is mainly a year of specialization.

Bachelor in E-business & Marketing . This level L program has a pronounced commercial orientation with a focus on E-business Tourism and sustainable development.

Bachelor international Management (Brest Campus). This level L program has a strong international orientation with a focus on double degrees.




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Email: asr@bfsu.edu.cn; ibscaseleft@126.com

Phone: (+86) 010-88818230

Contact: Ellen MA

Fax: +86 10 8881 0062



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