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Zhejiang University worked with National Development and Reform Commission to establish West China Development Strategy Research Institute in October 2006. General secretary Xi Jingping ( was the secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee) unveiled for the establishment of the Western China Development Strategy Research Institute and made an important speech. Since the establishment, the institute focuses on the goal of serving "The Belt and Road" construction, Western development strategy and regional coordinated development under the guidance of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jingping. Around the research and practice of the construction of "The Belt and Road", the institute makes solid progress in all works. All-round and multi- field achievements have important reference value for party and government decision-making. These results have significant innovations in theory and in practical applications. The institute aims to build the national high-end think tank that the party and the government can trust. West China Development Strategy Research Institute has participated in a number of the drafting of important documents of Party Central Committee and The State Council, it also undertakes a number of major national strategic planning and forward-looking research topics. It concise and forms numerous research reports and advisory reports, some of these important achievements get the comments made by the national leaders or get the adoption by the relevant state ministries and domestic and foreign important media. Besides, the institute built a number of open, interdisciplinary research alliances and platforms with different characteristics. It contracts and participates in several major activities and outputs a lot of think tank achievements. It has been initially built into a well-known and has a certain international influence of high-end think tank. China Academy of West Region Development,Zhejiang University

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