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have more than five years experience in the global sports industry and have been refined by more than 50 projects or events every year. Fisports is committed to be leading sports industry. The promotion of the sports industry is mainly reflected in sports technology, event management, equity sales, brand promotion and sponsor services, derivative development, club management, sports media production, business distribution and many other aspects. It makes a forward-looking layout in the field of horse racing, cycling, fishing, road running and sports tourism. Furthermore, it provides intangible asset development and business development services for Chinese Equestrian Association(CEA), China Fencing Association(CFA), China Triathlon Association, China Modern Five Associations and other institutions or organizations. Fisports was founded in 2015 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. The core business team members all

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Email: asr@bfsu.edu.cn

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Address: 9 North Xisanhuan Avenue, Beijing, China, 100089

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