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Republic of Moldova

 Free International University of Moldova (ULIM) is situated in the center of the capital of the Republic of Moldova – Chisinau 
city. Free International University of Moldova is a self-financed and self-administrated institution. It was founded on 16 October 
1992 by government decision and is accredited by the National Council for Academic Assessment and Accreditation of the Republic 
of Moldova. ULIM is a medium-size international university with about 9000 students, including foreign ones, coming from various 
countries like: USA, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Middle East countries etc. Free International University of Moldova 
is  a  leading  academic  center  and  a  significant  point  of  reference  in  society,  and  it  adheres  to  the  principles  of  European  Higher 
Education Area and signed Magna Charta Universitatum.
      ULIM offers academic programs at all levels including: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, Postdoctoral and continuous training from 
which: 81 at 1st cycle, 100 at 2nd cycle, 50 at 3rd cycle (most of the programs being offered in foreign language), and over 15 at 
continuous training. The academic programs are organized in 7 faculties as follows: Law, Letters, Economic sciences, Biomedicine 
and  Ecology,  Informatics  and  Engineering,  History  and  International  Relations,  Psychology  and  Social  Work.  The  master  and 
doctoral programs are integrated all in one department.

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