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dynamic business schools, it is mainly in the service of small and medium-sized enterprises around the Yangtze River delta. The school is located in Ningbo, a famous historic and cultural city of east Zhejiang Province, the south wing of the Yangtze River delta and the east China sea.There are over 70 faculty and staff in school, among them, 3 municipal talent, 8 master instructors and more than 40% of the faculty are with the senior title of professional teachers, more than 97% are with doctor or master's degree.The school has two undergraduate majors: business administration and marketing. Business administration is one of distinctive majors of Zhejiang province. Business administration (entrepreneurial management) is classified as emerging distinctive major of Zhejiang province. Marketing is the key major in the university. There are nearly 2, 000 undergraduates. The school has one of the first-class disciplines in Zhejiang Province - disciplines of industrial and commercial management; with 2 school-level key disciplines - technical and economic management, with close to the regional economic development of SME Management and Development Institute, Institute of entrepreneurship, Yangtze river delta SME Case Study Center, with a successful entrepreneur lectures, SME Forum, China's innovation and entrepreneurship and so forth. The school actively carries out international cooperation and exchanges. At present, it holds a 2 +2 cooperation projects with the same level in the field of the leading level of the California State University San Bernardino campus. Moreover, it carries out a wide range of cooperation and exchanges with famous business schools in Australia, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Central and Eastern Europe and some other countries. School of business administration is one of the sets of secondary college in our university. Being one of the most


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