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SolBridge International School of Business, is AACSB accredited and located in Daejeon, Korea's Silicon Valley. 
Solbridge started as an entrepreneurial venture just 10 years ago, hoping to develop the emerging Asian market for 
international standard business education taught exclusively in English. We are growing rapidly. Currently, we have 
1130 students, from 40 nations; 75% of students are international students and 80% of faculty are also international.
     The mission of SolBridge International School of Business is to prepare students to be the next generation of Asian 
thought  leaders.  SolBridge  offers  both  BBA  and  MBA  degree  programs  with  a  focus  on Asian  business  and  global 
expertise. Students receive a degree in international business with a specialization in finance, management, marketing 
or  entrepreneurship.  In  the  international  community  that  is  Solbridge,  students  have  a  truly  multi-cultural  learning 
environment and gain practical marketable skills.  
     All undergraduate students are required to take intensive Korean or Chinese language courses. Students interested in 
staying in Korea are given the opportunity to acquire advanced level language skills by graduation in order to achieve a 
decisive advantage in the job market. The curriculum balances theory and practice through classroom activities that 
include  simulations,  case  workshops,  consulting  practice  and  industrial  field  study  along  with  internships,  startup 
business competitions, case competitions and overseas study trips.

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Address: 9 North Xisanhuan Avenue, Beijing, China, 100089

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