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The Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai




     The Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai represents Sweden in Shanghai and the provinces Anhui, Jiangsu, 
and  Zhejiang.  Its  mission  is  to  promote  Swedish  interests  in  the  district  of  the  Consulate  General  and  to  promote 
exchange between Sweden and Yangtze River Delta, not least within the field of education and research. It should also 
provide  good  service  in  migration  and  consular  matters  and  to  support  activities  within  sister-city/sister-province 

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Email: asr@bfsu.edu.cn

Phone: (+86) 010-88816763

Fax: +86 10 8881 0062

Address: 9 North Xisanhuan Avenue, Beijing, China, 100089

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