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     Shanghai University of International Business and Economics consists of 11 schools and offers 32 undergraduate programs, 
covering  five  fields  of  disciplines,  i.e.  economics,  management  science,  literature,  law  and  natural  science.  Master  Degrees  are 
conferred in 4 of its first-level disciplines and 28 of its second-level disciplines. Among all its programs, international economy and 
trade,  English  language,  finance,  logistics  management  and  business  administration  are  designated  by  MOE  as  characteristic 
programs. There are over 1000 faculty and staff members working at SUIBE and above 400 of them are professors and associate 
professors. More than 10,000 students are studying in the undergraduate and graduate programs and some 2000 international students 
in various programs.
     SUIBE has been an active player in international exchanges and cooperation in education and established extensive partnerships 
with its overseas counterparts from more than 80 countries. SUIBE offers 12 joint programs in cooperation with institutions of higher 
education in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Two Confucius Institutes have been established in Croatia and 
Slovenia  respectively.  SUIBE  is  one  of  the  host  universities  for  international  students  supported  by  the  Chinese  Government 
Scholarship and Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship.
     Management School was formally founded in July of 2008, with the previous incarnation of International Enterprise Management 
in SUIBE founded in 1984. It offers four undergraduate programs: Business Management (International Enterprise Management), 
Marketing  (International  Marketing),  Human  Resource  (International  Human  Resources  Management)  and  cultural  industry 
management, and it also possesses one master degree of first-level discipline, a MBA program, two key disciplines at the municipal 
level, five research institutions and a Key Lab of Data Science and Management Decision.
        Sticking  to  the  idea  of  the  internationalized  education,  Management  School  has  established  wide  cooperation  with  about  10 
overseas universities from America, Canada, France, England and India and so on, building a good platform for teachers and students 
in international communication and exchanges.
The Management School of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

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