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Republic of Armenia

       The Russian-Armenian University was established in Yerevan (capital) following the inter-state agreement between the Republic 
of Armenia and Russian Federation in 1997. During the relatively short time of its existence, RAU has become a leading educational 
and scientific center in Armenia, proving to be an excellent model of integration in education.
       RAU offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. The main language of instruction is Russian; 
however,  we  offer  courses  in  Armenian  and  English  as  well.  Upon  graduation,  students  receive  two  Diplomas:  Armenian  and 
Russian.  There  are  31  Departments  working  within  5  Institutes:  Institute  of  Mathematics  and  High  Technology,  Institute  of 
Economics and Business, Institute of Law and Politics, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Media, Advertising and Film Production.
        Attracting  ethnic  Armenian  prospective  students  from  all  over  the  region,  the  University  fulfills  the  role  of  a  significant 
repatriation center in the country. Around 30% of students admitted to RAU each year are young people from CIS countries: Russia 
(which stands for the largest Armenian Diaspora), Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

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