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training institutions in statistics, industrial foreign trade and other economic programs in Zhejiang, China. The College has two primary disciplines conferring the master’s degrees, i.e., applied economics, and statistics. It also has two programs conferring the master’s “professional” degrees, i.e., applied statistics, and asset valuation. At the undergraduate level, it has five bachelor programs with majors in economics, economic statistics, finance, international economics and trade, and statistics. Among which, the applied economics is awarded as the “First-Class Discipline of Zhejiang Province (Category B)”, the finance is awarded as the “Prominent Program of Zhejiang Province” and the “Burgeoning Distinctive Program of Zhejiang Province”, and the international economics and trade is awarded as the “Prominent Program of Zhejiang Province”. The College has more than 80 professional staff including 12 professors and 19 associate professors among which the teacher who has the master degree accounts for 75%. In recent years, the College has completed over 50 national and provincial research projects. Over 500 papers have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals based on the closely relationship with the school-running advantages and the features of Hangzhou Dianzi University. The College attaches great importance to domestic and international academic exchanges. It has long-established cooperation with many institutions as well as external practice base, developed university-industry collaboration in order to provide teaching practice and research environment for students and teachers. Founded in August 1956, the School of Economics of Hangzhou Dianzi University is one of the oldest professional


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