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Faculty of College of Economics and Management & China-Africa International Business School, Zhejiang Normal University



predecessor was Zhejiang Jinhua Finance School founded in April, 1984, and in 2010 it changed to its current name and 
merged  with  China-Africa  International  Business  School  (CAIBS),  established  in  November  2010,  in  the  current 
faculty.  The  Faculty  has  120  staffs,  among  whom  over  90  are  full  time  academic  staffs.  With  over  2340  full-time 
students,  the  faculty  has  321  international  students.  There  are  10  undergraduate  degree  programs,  among  which  E-
commerce is Provincial Superior Program, Financial Management and Business Administration are the Provincial Key 
New Programs, International Economics and Trade Program is the Provincial Internationalized Program. 
     With regards to the disciplines, Applied Economics is a provincial top discipline, The Faculty owns the Institute of 
Cross-border  Operation  Research  on  China-Africa  Enterprises,  China-Africa  Economy  Research  Center  and  other 
altogether  8  university  key  research  institutions  as  well  as  community  service  platforms  such  as  Jinhua  Quality 
Research Institute, Zhengyang Tourism Research Institute, Central Zhejiang Research Institute, and the International 
Business & Trade Academy of ZJNU & China ZIONLION Group. The Faculty is authorized to confer postgraduate 
academic  degrees  in  Business Administration  discipline,  Regional  Economics,  International  business  administration, 
and professional degree in MBA program.
College  of  Economics  and  Management  was  established  in  2000  at  Zhejiang  Normal  University  (ZJNU)  whose 

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